Toner vs Astringent

If you’re anything like me you have asked what’s the difference between toner and astringent?
I became interested in skin care because my skin gives me trouble quite often.

I’ve stayed interested in skincare because makeup looks 10X better on a well taken care of face!

While learning and researching the ins and outs of skin care, I questioned why anyone would use astringent if they use toner and vice versa.

I mean they can look similar right!? I’ve even picked one up thinking it was the other and didn’t even notice until I was home.


That’s what started me questioning “aren’t they the same?”

For the lovelies that don’t know:

TONER is for removing oil, sweat, and makeup. It plays well with sensitive skin because it’s more commonly made with natural ingredients. I use toner on a more everyday scale, since it is milder, usually after I cleanse with an acne face wash because they tend to dry the face.

ASTRINGENT cleans the skin and closes pores! It’s more complimentary of normal to oily skin because alcohol hangs out in there and can be a little harsh for sensitive faces. I use astringent after a pore cleansing facial soap or mask to remove residue and close my pores helping to prevent dirt or makeup from clogging them so quickly.

Now for anyone that thought they were the same (like me) we aren’t crazy people!
They both are for improving the skins surface and aside from world peace, isn’t that what we want!?

I think they serve a nice purpose in skin care and knowing the difference helped me incorporate it appropriately. Hope it will do the same for you!


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