Spring is Here!!!

Time to put the oversized sweaters and coats away lovelies!!

Don’t get me wrong Fall is hands down my favorite season, BUT a close second is Spring for sure!!

You can start pulling out maxi dresses and sun glasses! The sun is out, but it’s not going to give you a heat stroke!
It will rain a little so your rain boots get to make a fashionable appearance!

It’s just so great guys!

The weather contributes to a lot of my fashion choices. I want to make sure that I’m dressing accordingly!

However, my go to Springtime staple piece can be worn no matter the weather!!

Brown purses!! I have a hard time wearing them during the other seasons so when Spring and Summer come around, I break ’em in GOOD!

I feel like brown/tan/taupe compliments the pastels and lighter colors that we tend to gravitate to this time of year.

I was extremely fortunate to get stocked up for my birthday!! **Thanks Hubby**

I’m so excited to pair them with EVERYTHING for the next few months!!

What’s your staple piece? Is your favorite season Spring?