ACV Rinse…results are in!

I know many of you have at least heard of doing an apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair right?

If not there are tons of articles and YouTube videos on it. Simply type in “acv rinse” for detailed info!

This post is going to be more about my experience. First off let me start by saying I would do this again for sure! I think it can work wonders for your scalp!

Ok before I get ahead of myself, let me step back for a moment…I felt the need to try this out because I used a brand of shampoo and conditioner that did not agree with my scalp. I’ve used other products from the same brand and it didn’t bother me so I thought it would be something new to try but my scalp became really irritated and flakey. It was itchy right after wash day!! After a few weeks, I couldn’t deal anymore.

My attempt to correct the issue involved switching back to my holy grail OGX brand shampoo and conditioner also loading up on the moisture. Problem was it caused a lot of product buildup on top of my flaking scalp!! No bueno right!?

I started researching what I could do in order to correct my old problem plus the new one and all signs pointed to Apple cider vinegar. Not only would it get rid of build up but it helps to balance the scalps ph balance and gives a shine to your least that’s what the online claims are.

I hopped to it and got my spray bottle, put the acv and water in. I sprayed my scalp and wanted to cry..I mentioned I had been scratching right!? If you try this and have the same issue I did, please give your scalp time to heal…that crap hurts!!

Moving along…

I massaged the rinse into my scalp and put a shower cap on and sat for about 20 mins…..massaged through the pain again (I do not recommend) then rinsed out. I used both a regular conditioner and a deep conditioner after. Side note..the smell is terrible during the process but once you rinse it out it’s gone, thank goodness!!!

My results:

*product build up was gone

*flakes were gone

*my scalp didn’t itch anymore

*my hair was extremely soft

It definitely fixed my issues and I feel like I got some good results.

What I’ve noticed even after the rinse, was my hair continued to be soft and shiny over time. So I guess those claims were pretty spot on!

All in all it was a decent experience and like I mentioned I will do it again for sure with a few tweaks here and there of course. I’d love to know your experience if you try!

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