At Home Facial!!

FULL DISCLOSURE******* I am NOT an esthetician by any means so only attempt if you feel comfortable.

I try to make sure that I research everything that I do to my own face to make sure I’m doing it right. I offer my research in a condensed form to you in hopes that it will help you the same way it has helped me, but in a less time-consuming manner.

OK lovelies…let’s get started

One of the first things I do is put a small pot of water (for steaming) on the stove, on high to get things moving.

  1. Cleanse using an oil based cleaner. They are typically designed to break down oil and/or makeup and remove it. Most oil cleaners need to be put on a completely dry face and once water is used to rinse the face it starts to melt all the mess away!
  2. Steam. Hopefully by now the water has started to boil and is ready. I stay over the steam for about 3 or 4 mins….just enough time for my pores to open but before I start to sweat. *Cover your water with a hand towel to help keep it warm for later use.*
  3. Tone your face to remove leftover oil from your cleanser and possibly sweat from steaming. This also helps to get rid of dead skin. It’s easier to remove while your skin is more supple.
  4. Mask time!! for acne prone skin using a clearing mask is best. Something with charcoal to help draw out impurities. *Most masks tell you how long it should be on your face, but if not check the mirror and once you see the mask has completely dried it’s usually finished doing the job and is ok to remove.* Now remember the bowl of water you had earlier…we’re going to use it again. Hover over the water and put the hand towel over your head to help loosen the mask before washing your face. This helps soften it which will prevent you from doing a lot of scrubbing while rinsing it off. Scrubbing can irritate you skin and cause discomfort during the next few steps.
  5. Treat your blemishes. Note: this step isn’t always necessary. If you have any pimples that are ready to pop go head and help them along using tissue or cotton rounds. By ready I mean showing the white head through a thin layer of your skin. Rule of thumb if it hasn’t come to a head or you have to use great force to get it to pop then it is NOT ready and it will leave a scar. Trust me….been there, done that, have a t-shirt…please don’t do it!!
  6. Cleanse again. This time using your regular cleanser. I’m currently testing out a gel cleanser to see if I like it or not, but whatever you have will be great.
  7. Moisturize…skin NEEDS this step after everything already done especially acne prone skin. I use a gel moisturizer on the areas that need it the most i.e. my nose, cheeks, and jaw line. I follow-up with a crème moisturizer that I put all over. Then eye cream and a facial oil. Pat all products into skin until absorbed for best results.

Make sure not to forget your neck while doing your at home facial!

Links to previous post going into more detail about toner and eye cream are linked above in steps 3 and 7.

Products that I use:

  • Neutrogena Ultra light cleansing oil
  • Neutrogena Alcohol free toner
  • Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment masque
  • Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser
  • Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel
  • Simple Replenishing rich moisturizer
  • L’oreal Paris Revitalift eye

Be sure to take time out for yourself! Love yourself…there’s only one of you!!