Traveling..hacks, advice, organization?

How many people out there can say that when they are ready to travel somewhere they are completely organized? If that’s you then I completely envy you and would love some shared wisdom in my comment section. If you’re like me and you have a method but it’s not the most organized then heyyy you aren’t alone!!

I was able to go back to my home state from Japan and it was honestly the most stressful thing I’ve done since I moved to Japan in the first place. I’m pretty sure what kept throwing me off was the amount of time that I was going to be there, so naturally while I was packing and trying to consider that fact I kept wondering if I was over or under packing. I constantly heard the voice in my head say “have you even worn/used that in the last 6 months?” haha. The answer was usually no if you’re curious!

Well anyway I’ve come here to share my take on packing/hacks and how I attempted to be as organized as I could be! Also full disclaimer…now that I’m here, I’ve realized that I forgot a ton of stuff that I would have taken if I remembered so this is not…I repeat NOT fool proof lol!! How typical!!

First things first I picked the luggage that would accommodate the amount of things that I needed and/or didn’t need. I recommend looking for a hard shell luggage that is light weight. I borrowed one that my husband got from Target. It’s pretty huge and ended up weighing less than the smaller suitcase that I purchased during a closing sale at TJMaxx, go figure!

I always pack clothes first, that way I can change my mind as much as I can! I like to use Ziploc space bags for the clothing that is jeans, sweatpants, hoodies etc. When it comes to clothing, I consider the seasons I will go though during my stay. I’m going to be here through the winter so I knew id need to pack summer, fall, and winter type clothing.

Once I get that just about situated I move on to the rest of my needs. I work my way down my body to figure out what all I might have to take. For example.. I’d start with my head….top of my head is hair. I go through my hair routine and pack everything that I use during a wash day or to style. Next would be my face, so I grab face wash, moisturizers, masks…or anything I’d use in a months time. Then I go to my eyes and grab extra contacts and my glasses.. everything needed for that.. so on and so fourth. You guys get the picture!

I try to pack any liquids as if I already know that they will spill. I usually tape them shut and put them in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. I should really be sponsored by them at this point!! lol. If its something that’s a little more on the watery side I use freezer bags to avoid it leaking through a regular bag. I know this sounds a bit tedious but I promise its a stress saver in the end!!

Last thing I do is write out a checklist to make sure that I’ve covered everything and all I have to do is grab food and go on my flight day!

Share your travel hacks in my comments or on my social media! I’ve posted an awesome window pic on my Instagram!! Link is up top!