How To: Prepare for Beyonce

My blog posts are usually geared toward all things beauty and we will be touching on beauty tips but I just have to go on record saying that Beyoncé and Jay-Z completely and utterly slayed my existence and my prep for it was only half way up to par.
Hopefully if you’re reading this you are in one of the few cities they have left on the OTRII tour and you can use some of my advice and if not…..then hey guys I’m right there with you in the land of bliss, sore legs, and amazement!
I haven’t gone to very many concerts but the few that I’ve been to I didn’t see the reason to get too dolled up for. HOWEVER…this time I had a reason and it was Beyoncé. Even though she never saw me, I knew that as a stan I had a duty to slay!!
First tip…Of course murder the makeup game the best way you know how, but don’t worry about it not being perfect..why? Oh no big reason…just the fact that you will 100% sweat it off. I’m talking of you forgot to blend the sweat will do it for you type of perspiration! My biggest recommendation is to invest in a really good setting/finishing spray to lock you in for as long as possible, and if that doesn’t work/isn’t an option bring something to blot your face with to keep from losing your hard work.
Second tip…If you’re trying to choose between sexy and comfy force yourself to find middle ground. My sisters and I opted for white t-shirts and distressed black jeans. The shirts gave us comfort and the rips in the jeans gave us the edge of sexy that we were going for. Other options could be a cute romper or jumpsuit. That style usually gives you the best of both worlds.
Third tip…BRING FLATS or just wear comfy shoes to begin with!!! Unfortunately I made the mistake of wearing strappy heels and although it looked great..if I do say so myself *in my jay-z voice* I was not comfortable in them. My plan was to change into flats but that ended up not being possible so I’d have to say it was my biggest regret of the night! I couldn’t bring myself to walk around barefoot, but sooo many beautiful ladies were so try to make sure you throw a pair in your bag.
Anyway, the main thing I learned from my wig snatching experience is whatever you wear and however you choose to do your makeup be confident in it and have fun! Because, Who Runs the World? The experience is really like no other and you should focus on enjoying that, these tips are just my little bit of advice to maximize on the fun!
Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the concert!!